GTA San Andreas Cheats PC full list And PDF Download

gta san andreas cheats pc

GTA San Andreas Cheats: Looking for GTA San Andreas cheat codes download we are going to provide you list of cheats and download PDF As Well. without wasting a minute let’s start the guide:

Introduction About GTA San Andreas

gta san andreas cheats download pdf

Five years ago Carl Johnson escaped from the pressures of life in Los Santos, San Andreas — a city tearing itself apart with gang trouble, drugs, and corruption. Where filmstars and millionaires do their best to avoid the dealers and gangbangers.

Now, it’s the early ’90s. Carl’s got to go home. His mother has been murdered, his family has fallen apart and his childhood friends are all heading toward disaster.

On his return to the neighborhood, a couple of corrupt cops frame him for homicide. CJ is forced on a journey that takes him across the entire state of San Andreas, to save his family and to take control of the streets.

PROS of play GTA san Andreas

  • The SAN ANDREAS is great if you want a nostalgia trip or just want to try out the GTA’s you haven’t played yet. I would highly recommend it
  • It’s a classic. Straight and simple 🙂
  • A great look back into gaming time
  • You can input cheats! NPCs fight! Cars explode! Gun cheats! Wanted Level cheats!


  • The game is from the early 2000’s Era of Gaming. It doesn’t hold your hand and pushes you to succeed. If you fail a mission it’s all the way back to square one. You have to buy your guns, armor, and whatever else back and have another go.

This GTA San Andreas Cheats has a lot of features. Some are mentioned below,

  1. GTA San Andreas Cheats helps to Bigger and better power HEALTH to play game
  2. Amazing action
  3. Lots of motorcycles and cars
  4. Lots of helicopters
  5. Better playable streaming
  6. There are also more different types of features in this game.

Let’s Talk About GTA San Andreas Cheats

GTA San Andreas having a total of 100+ amazing cheats like –money, health, vehicle, weather, and character, etc… And now I am going to tell you some all-time hit GTA San Andreas cheats not all. CHECK THE LIST Below =

GTA San Andreas Cheats For the AMAZING bike, Cars, And More-

  1. JCNRUAD = Smash n’ Boom
  2. SPEEDFREAK = All Cars Have Nitro
  3. BUBBLECARS = Cars Float Away When Hit
  4. OUIQDMW = Free Aim While Driving
  5. CPKTNWT = Blow Up All Cars
  6. WHEELSONLYPLEASE = Invisible car
  7. STICKLIKEGLUE = Perfect Handling
  8. ZEIIVG = All green lights
  9. YLTEICZ = Aggressive Drivers
  10. LLQPFBN = Pink traffic
  11. IOWDLAC = Black traffic
  12. FLYINGFISH = Boats fly
  13. GHOSTTOWN = Reduced Traffic
  14. FVTMNBZ = Traffic is Country Vehicles
  15. BMTPWHR = Country Vehicles and Peds, Get Born 2 Truck Outfit
  16. EVERYONEISPOOR = Traffic is Cheap Cars
  17. EVERYONEISRICH = Traffic is Fast Cars

San Andreas Cheats Codes For Police, LEVEL Up, And Health

  • AEZAKMI = Police Leave Permanently
  • BRINGITON = Six Star Wanted Level
  • VKYPQCF = Max Stamina
  • PROFESSIONALKILLER = Hitman In All Weapon Stats
  • NATURALTALENT = Max All Vehicle Skill Stats
  • WORSHIPME = Max Respect
  • HELLOLADIES = Max Sex Appeal
  • VKYPQCF = Max Stamina
  • PROFESSIONALKILLER = Hitman In All Weapon Stats
  • NATURALTALENT = Max All Vehicle Skill Stats

Cheats For Ammo, Weapons And Tools

  1. LXGIWYL = Weapon Set 1, Thug’s Tools
  2. PROFESSIONALSKIT = Weapon Set 2, Professional Tools
  3. BAGUVIX = Semi-Infinite Health
  4. CVWKXAM = Infinite Oxygen
  5. ANOSEONGLASS = Adrenaline Mode
  6. FULLCLIP = Infinite Ammo, No Reload
  7. UZUMYMW = best GTA San Andreas weapon cheats (Weapon Set 3, Nutter Tools)
  8. HESOYAM = Ultimate Health, Armor, $250k money at our account

Change Time And Weather Condition by GTA San Andreas cheats for PC


  • YSOHNUL = TWICE Faster Clock
  • NIGHTPROWLER = Always Midnight AT Game
  • OFVIAC = Orange Sky 21:00

Weather –

  1. ALNSFMZO = Overcast Weather
  2. AUIFRVQS = Rainy Weather
  3. PLEASANTLYWARM = Sunny Weather
  4. TOODAMNHOT = Very Sunny Weather
  5. CFVFGMJ = Foggy Weather
  6. CWJXUOC = Sandstorm, and hotty warm day

When You Playing use the below codes for more fun and exciting as well –

  • LIFESABEACH= for amazing Beach Party
  • ONLYHOMIESALLOWED = Gang Members Everywhere
  • BIFBUZZ = Gangs Control the Streets
  • NINJATOWN = Ninja Theme
  • BEKKNQV = Slut Magnet
  • CJPHONEHOME = Huge Bunny Hop
  • KANGAROO = Mega Jump
  • CRAZYTOWN = colorful Theme
  • SJMAHPE = Recruit Anyone
  • ROCKETMAYHEM = Rockets at your hand

More san andreas cheat for pc

  1. SPEEDITUP = Faster Gameplay
  2. SLOWITDOWN = Slower Gameplay
  3. AJLOJYQY = Peds Attack Each Other, Get Golf Club
  4. BAGOWPG = Have a bounty on your head
  5. FOOOXFT = Everyone is armed
  7. BLUESUEDESHOES = Elvis is Everywhere
  8. BGLUAWML = Peds Attack You With Weapons

How to apply in computer-

Just follow the step by step process to apply gta san andreas cheats code for pc below –

  1. open the game and start gameplay on your PC
  2. Download the GTA San Andreas cheats pc full list pdf or select cheats that we provide
  3. When you are walking around in-game, type in the code. use any available cheats for GTA San Andreas .just type the entire code without spaces when you are in-game…not pause menu. any certain place, just stand on the street or in your car and type the cheat in.
  4. Your character will still do the actions related to the key presses e.g. Reload when you press A in AEZAKMI POLICE FREE cheat ( DoN’T PAUSE IT).
  5. If done correctly…a popup should come in the top left “cheat activated”.
  6. Try to complete the game without cheats since many chases in the game have so much more to do

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